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We are one of the largest fabricators of foam in North America. Our ability to source the best materials is second to none.

Our team works closely with our clients to develop all the pieces necessary to create custom consumer products, components and packaging. We have a vast array of capabilities in all categories.

Foam Fabrication and Packaging: Our clients rely on us for our state of the art foam fabrication and packaging. We are constantly acquiring new machines and technology to increase our efficiency and expand our abilities. We have state of the art embroidery, CNC routing, water-jet cutting, compression molding, die-cutting, heat sealing, contour cutting, laminating and so much more.

Contract Manufacturing: For decades we have been the trusted source to manufacture and package, under stringent guidelines, all categories of consumer and industrial products.

Foam Wrapping, Rolling and Compression: State of the Art Machinery for mattress and foam wrapping, compressing and rolling.


We manufacture most of our prototype tooling in-house and have access to the best outside resources when needed.

Turn Key Solutions

Starting with research and design, we work with clients through prototyping, tooling, production and packaging.


We are a fully integrated facility with the ability to ship directly to warehouses, distribution centers and direct to consumer.


Consumer: We create unique products and programs for consumer products. We manufacture for the largest home furnishing companies and create unique direct to consumer products for online sales.

Automotive and Marine: We create components for interior use in cars and boats.

Packaging: Our decades of expertise and development is relied upon by leading manufacturers to safely and efficiently package their products.

One of the largest fabricators of foam in North America.

About Us

HLJ Foam Products is a leading diversified foam fabricator of consumer and industrial products across a wide array of end-markets and applications including furniture, bedding, pet beds, packaging, health and wellness.

We are a market leader in the foam fabrication industry with an outstanding reputation for design, quality and customer service as shown by our ability to consistently introduce innovative products with unique technology helping our customers enjoy more comfortable lives. We conceive, design, and produce a diverse array of products that can be found in most homes, offices and vehicles.

We fabricate products for all categories using high quality foam, memory foam, cooling gel and other materials that provide comfort and support. Our team includes the most experienced personnel in the industry utilizing computerized embroidery, contour cutters, high speed band saws, die presses and water jet cutters.

The Original Company (Allied Aerofoam) was founded in 1988 and acquired by HLJ in 2020. The company is headquartered in Milan, Tennessee and also owns the MemoryFoam.com Domain.

Our team includes the most experienced personnel in the industry.

Contact Us

HLJ Foam Products

3000 Kefauver Dr. Milan, TN 38358

Phone: 731.686.0821

For Sales, please email us at: sales@memoryfoam.com

For Shipping, please email us at: shipping@memoryfoam.com